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What is InnoXcell?

Today, InnoXcell is a complete resource for auditors, risk analysts, and lawyers in Hong Kong and throughout Asia Pacific. We are on our way to becoming one of the most recognized events and training programme providers among law firms in Hong Kong and further afield.

Our Service Providers Directory allows customers to browse specific topics and skill sets, covering all of their company’s legal needs.

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With our IAS conference series, the goal is to provide a unique conference for compliance and legal professionals and executives, by ensuring professionals from a wide range of industries have an opportunity and a platform to discover the most current and best business and legal practices.

It also provides a Hong Kong lawyer or HK law firm with a valuable opportunity to become familiar with the latest regulatory updates, form connections with other legal professionals and see the latest legal technology and software solutions in action.

Whether you are an auditor, analyst or cyber security professional, or a newly qualified lawyer working with the best law firm Hong Kong has to offer, you will benefit from attending our IAS conferences. That’s what makes it so unique, so successful and so popular.

Whether you’re looking for the best law firms in HK, a leading HK lawyer, or for assistance in the multitude of other service sectors listed on our website, we offer you a way of connecting in under 60 seconds, by simply entering your location and required services.

If you are a Hong Kong attorney or a partner at a leading Hong Kong law firm, the Agilecomm Service Providers Directory provides the perfect place to showcase your skills and services to potential new clients, listing you alongside the top law firms in Hong Kong while giving you the opportunity to stand out. If you are a Hong Kong lawyer, a listing in our directory will help you connect with potential clients and to list your specialties and skills in one place.

InnoXcell’s events for legal, risk and compliance professionals…

Attendees of the IAS Conference are not just limited to the top solicitors HK has to offer or the best law firm in HK. As the conference covers a vast range of topics, addressing and encompassing the corporate, financial and non-financial industries, it attracts a wide range of attendees.

This includes CEO,’s, CIO’s, CISO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, legal secretaries, corporate legal and compliance professionals, internal auditors and investigators, information technology and security professionals, and risk management professionals, among others.

The IAS conference is supported by the presence of the InnoXcell blog, one of the most utilized and visited legal blogs by our community of professionals, including the top solicitors in Hong Kong and across the Asia Pacific region.

As a lawyer, Hong Kong is one of the best places to be in practice, and our events provide a fantastic networking opportunity for those within the legal community and its surrounding industries, including cyber security, eDiscovery, risk, compliance, internal audit, and more.

Whether you’re looking for the most successful professionals in regulatory compliance, risk analysis, company law in Hong Kong, or the leading corporate lawyer in HK, the InnoXcell and AgileComms Service Providers Directory is the most comprehensive directory for the legal services and its related industries. Hide Content

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