Obama to privatize Internet governance

Author: InnoXcell

August-18 2016

According to a statement by the Obama administration, as effective from October 1st, the United States government will cease control over Internet governance. Icann, a multi stakeholders group, will hold a controlling interest over the Internet domain name system. Icann has been involved in a managerial, consulting position with several aspects of server location and identification.

The United States government has held a contract with Icann, will effectively relinquish control when the terms expire on September 30th. The new terms will remain valid through 2018, though it is expected that these terms will be extended.

The decision has been met with mixed responses, including unfavourable reactions from Republicans including Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Sean Duffy, whose concerns include a monopoly of pricing power. The removal of governmental control has however, been met with approval from external bodies, including the National Telecommunications & Information Administration and greater neutrality.

Commentators for the Wall Street Journal allude that the change is unlikely to result in a series of dramatic consequences in the short-term, while in the long term, there are possible implications surrounding copyright legislation.

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