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Just like a shoe, we know that one size does not fit all, and that’s why we at InnoXcell also provide tailor made training solutions. With Programs focused on everything from OSINT to Cyber Threat Intelligence and White Collar Activities such as Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering we aim to help organisations combat crime. These programs are a unique opportunity to design a training programme that solely focuses on what is most important to your organisation. Get in touch to know more.


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Who Are We?

Innoxcell is a leading outsourced marketing and client development firm specialising in content marketing, lead generation and thought leadership roundtable.

Incorporated in Hong Kong on the Jan 2010 by Jeffrey Teh with over 20 years of event and corporate marketing experience. Jeff created events in the area of legal, regulatory compliance and cybercrime. Over the past eight years, Innoxcell team have been helping companies around the globe to generate leads and raising awareness throughout events. Effective from 2018, Innoxcell restructures its business to provide integrated client and business development services through a well thought out strategy in Knowledge-driven and fact telling marketing. We help our client generate new leads and form a new relationship.

Innoxcell operates in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Australia.

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